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The “VIXEN”, is a multi-purpose landing craft / deck cargo vessel of 30,45 by 6,20 meters.

The twin Volvo engines delivering 500 BHP. In combination with minimal draft, the 80 kW bow thruster and twin fixed propellers in nozzles, gives the vessel maximum maneuverability.

The 31,6 tm FASSI marine deck crane with reach with/without jib: 22,80 / 16,70 meters, buckets for crane (gravel/sand- and rock bucket), a DWT 60/90, a large deck area, hydraulic driven cams, water / foam cannon, rock drills, pile driver, oil recovery, makes the vessel more than multifunctional to deal with various operations:

  • Transports of materials and machines etc.
  • Oil Recovery.
  • Fire protection.
  • Salvage work.
  • Cable Laying.
  • Docks and bridge repairs and div construction works.
  • Bridge and dock repair work, stone coffins, poles docks, console docks.
  • Laying of floating docks and buoys.
  • Working platform for dive jobs, underwater work, research, survey.
  • Underwater works, diving, rov inspections, video documentation.
  • Port / Channel maintenance
Type Multi-purpose cargo vessel
Flag Sweden
Length x width 30,45 x 6,20 meters
Gross Tonnage 118 GT
Dwt B-area(20nm from coast) 60 tons
Dwt D-area(inland/along coast) 90 tons
Propulsion 2x Volvo TMD 120A
Marine deck crane Fassi XP 360 / 31,6tm with buckets