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Crawler crane seafastening set

Crane mats set consisting of

Two Azobé wood covered crane mats with longitudinal and transversal stoppers.

For crawler crane type

a) Liebherr LR1300 & SANY SC3200 

b) Liebherr LR1500


a) 12,00 x 8,20 meter (based on the LR1300) 

b) 12,70 x 9,10 meter (based on the LR1500)

Max. load capacity

a) 300 tons 

b) 500 tons

Crane mats position on deck Preferred position is on barge bulkheads
Weight of the structure

a) Approx. 19 tons (excluding wood) 

b) Approx. 20 tons (excluding wood)

Minimum deck strength

a) 15 tons/m2 

b) 20 tons/m2