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About Us

Landfall is a Dutch company, based in Rotterdam area, the Netherlands, established in 1995, specialized in charter of marine equipment.

Landfall is operating a wide variety of many high standing seagoing vessels and (floating) marine equipment, such as anchor handling tugs, multi-purpose workboats, multi-purpose pontoons, flat top pontoons, (split) hopper barges, crawler cranes and more maritime related equipment.

We are specialized in: ocean going (double) towages, time charters, anchor handling, pontoons/barges including equipment, full ship management, heavy lift shipping, assisting with dredging activities, assisting in renewable energy projects, ship-deliveries and marine-sales. All our vessels do have high qualified and well experienced crew on board who think along and supply customized solutions to clients, which will save time and gain efficiency in all projects.

Since the past decade, one of the major – and still expanding – activities of our company is the “all-in” commercial-, operational-, technical- and/or crew-management of a fleet of young seagoing anchor handling tugs and multi-purpose workboats.

Throughout the past years we have shipped and towed many barges, pontoons, dredgers, ship’s hulls, tugs, pilot vessels, hopper barges, as well as cranes, ship’s sections and other floating and/or non-floating structures.

Our services are not limited to a “simple charter” of a tugboat or a (full equipped) pontoon, but include the full coordination, including paperwork, stowage plans, agency-appointments, inland transports, application of special permits, customs-clearance, insurance, survey, mobilization, de-mobilization, on-/offhire surveys, etc., all in full coherence with the clients’ special requirements.

Another specialized service of our company is transport of ships on own keel by own power, for which we are able to quote you attractive “all-in” lumpsum prices, including gasoil, food, travelling cost, sea charts, port-charges and of course all cost for experienced “ship-delivery” crews.

Furthermore, based on our own turnover of ship’s spares and equipment, we are able to offer you a full “door-to-door” service for the sale and delivery of spare parts and marine equipment, including full customs-documentation and airfreight or sea freight arrangements to any worldwide destination.

All these activities are centrally controlled “24 hours per day and 7 days per week” from our Ridderkerk office (approx. 5 kilometers from the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands), by an enthousiast, flexible and versatile team.


Landfall Marine Contractors bv

a flexible company for solid marine solutions
a solid company for flexible marine solutions