After 6 days of intense cooperation between VBMS, Landfall and Neptune personnel  the mobilization at the Neptune Repair yard of the latest addition to the fleet was finalized. The multipurpose pontoon NP 289 was converted into a cable repair barge. This brand new addition to the fleet of pontoons is chartered for an offshore cable jointing project in the UK.

Landfall and VBMS elected tugs AHT “BEVER” and AHT “SIL JESKE-B”  to become part of the  convoy which departed Saturday the 15th of July from Rotterdam to the job site.

After the mobilization of the barge and prior the final touch in Rotterdam the NP289 was transported through inland waters from the Neptune Repair Yard in Hardinxveld to Rotterdam by Lanfall’s “HARMONIE” and the “SIL JESKE-B”. This 24 meter wide barge + anchor catcher racks on both sides needed some extra attention passing the narrow bridge openings. At the end of the day, this results in some impressive videos and photo’s.

We like to thank all for the job’s well done during mobilization and transport.