LANDFALL – Heavy Lift Transport

Landfall chartered Vertom’s mv “Beaumagic” for the transport of the by Neptune Shipyards new-build Eurodredger “NP 512” + followpontoon, spraypontoon and 12x 20ft container with spareparts and floating tubes. The units will be delivered in Klaipeda, Lithuanian, where all units will he discharged and transported over inland waters to Kaunas, Lithuanian.  

NP 385, NP 476 & NP 421 – Dover

Dover Western Docks Revival project. As from last January our NP 421 (60.00 x 22.00 x 4.00m), NP 476 (60.00 x 22.00 x 4.00m) and NP 385 (75.00 x 22.00 x 4.00m) are working in Dover for the Dover Western Docks Revival project Overall, the project includes the design and construction of two new berths including quay […]

MEANDER – NP 392 Jack-Up

The AHT MEANDER with Jack-Up barge NP 392 departure from Rotterdam with inland assistance vessel Harmonie. Pictures made by: Cees Mastenbroek

MEANDER – Anchor Recovery

During her present charter the Anchorhandling Shallow Draft Tug “MEANDER”, had to carry out a delicate operation near the beach to recover an anchor left behind, unreachable by other vessels. The anchor was located near the beach/coast, 2 meter away from an wind turbine cable. To recover this anchor, the local authorities required a shallow […]

NP 289 – Offshore cable jointing

After 6 days of intense cooperation between VBMS, Landfall and Neptune personnel  the mobilization at the Neptune Repair yard of the latest addition to the fleet was finalized. The multipurpose pontoon NP 289 was converted into a cable repair barge. This brand new addition to the fleet of pontoons is chartered for an offshore cable […]

ISA – Caledonian Canal

The AHT ISA explored the majestic 60 mile Caledonian Canal, which results in a fantastic photo tour including some incredible time-lapse video’s! Geplaatst door ISA Towage B.V. op vrijdag 9 juni 2017 Geplaatst door ISA Towage B.V. op vrijdag 9 juni 2017 Geplaatst door ISA Towage B.V. op vrijdag 9 juni 2017

HARMONIE – Assistance

The ‘through Landfall hired’ Westsund arrived with our two newbuild pontoons in Rotterdam. The Harmonie assisted the convoy to Lekhaven, Rotterdam. From there the Harmonie and Walvis together shifted the both barges to the Werkhaven, Rotterdam, where the NP 439 (50x14m) will be unloaded the from the NP 438 (50×18,8m) by Bonn & Mees.

MEANDER – Double Towage

The AHT MEANDER performed a double towage from Hardarfjordur, Iceland to Belgium with two old Fishing Trawlers. After many years of good service, the old Fishing Trawlers “SONAR” and “RÖST” sailed their last few Nautical Miles, where after they have been safely delivered to a demolition yard in Ghent. Meander met dubbele sleep gearriveerd op […]

DUTCH PEARL – Project Work

Some pictures made during the present charter of the Dutch Pearl, in the UK. Scope of work is general assistance to the WaveWalker and the Fugro 1200.

NEPTUN 11 – “around the world”

On 19th May 2017 our tug NEPTUN 11 departed with an impressive double-tow of two flattop barges 82.5 x 27 metres from Shanghai, destined for Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During the past two weeks, the average speed was just below 6.0 knots and arrival at her first bunkering port Singapore will be 5th June 2017. From […]