Since the past eight months our “Neptune Mariner” has been deployed for assistance of two large new offshore windturbine fields. One being the Walney windfarm offshore Barrow-in-Furness in the Irish Sea, which was completed within schedule in July 2017;  And since then at the  Arkona Becken Südost offshore Rostock in the Baltic Sea, which is planned tob e completed by mid-November 2017.

On both projects, the large monopiles were made “self-floating” by mounting large covers at either side of the piles, so that these could be towed by our “Neptune Mariner” from the “storage area” in port to the crane-ship “SVANEN” for lifting and placing the monopiles in positions at the offshore construction location.

Having a very large aft-deck, the “Neptune Mariner” could then take back the dismantled top- and bottom covers of the monopiles back to shore for re-use on one of the next monopiles, as you can see on some of the pictures herebelow.

Also the sturdy shape of the vessel and it’s excellent seakeeping abilities attributed to an almost continuous supply of monopiles to the building locations at sea, whereas the crew also did a very good job to keep the vessel running without any “hick up” or “breakdown” of this well maintained vessel.

All going well, the “Neptune Mariner” is expected back in Rotterdam around 20th-25th November 2017.