NEPTUN 11 – finished her “double tow” roundtrip vice-versa Shanghai

On January 29th, 2017, our seagoing tug “NEPTUN 11” departed from Delfzijl/Eemshaven with a flattop-barge for Italy, where after the vessel transited the Suez Canal on 15th March 2017 on her way to her next deployment for towing two of our brand-new flattop barges of 82.50 x 27.00 x 6.00 meters (NP 459 & NP 460) from Shanghai to Rotterdam.

After having completed bunkering, provisions and the usual lengthy administrative procedures in China, the convoy of “Neptun 11” with the two new flattop barges departed from Shanghai on 19th May 2017 for a lengthy route back to Rotterdam via South Africa.

Although “Neptun 11” disposes of quite a considerable large bunker capacity, it goes without saying, that she could not make the entire voyage from Shanghai to Rotterdam over almost 14.000 miles without any bunker stop.
Hence, short stops for replenishing gasoil were planned and made in Singapore, at the Seychelles, Walvis Bay and Las Palmas.

A specific venture during this voyage was the complicated passage along the coast of South Africa during the “southern  winter period” in July, for which the convoy slacked down in speed for a couple of days, but – with acceptable weather forecast – rounding the Cape of Good Hope was done by the vessel and it’s experienced crew in a highly seamanlike manner without complications.

And now – after having been away at sea for nine months – our “Neptun 11” finalized the last part of this lengthy voyage through the English Channel and arrived – with two undamaged new flattop barges in double tow – in Rotterdam on Saturday 4th November 2017 daybreak.

Another memorable towage – over a total distance of 27.000 nautical miles – has become to a successful end, again with many thanks and our high appreciation to our experienced and dedicated crew!