During her present charter the Anchorhandling Shallow Draft Tug “MEANDER”, had to carry out a delicate operation near the beach to recover an anchor left behind, unreachable by other vessels.

The anchor was located near the beach/coast, 2 meter away from an wind turbine cable.

To recover this anchor, the local authorities required a shallow draft tug which had to be able to beach if necessary.

Two hours prior high tide, the “MEANDER” arrived near the sandbank where the anchor was located. They carefully and slowly maneuvered the “MEANDER” right above the sandbank.

Once the MEANDER was on location, they were only 5 meters away from an UXO on port side of the vessel. And also 5 meters away from the anchor, which was starboard side of the vessel.

They successfully recovered the anchor including the 150 meters steel anchor wire attached to it. After the anchor was safely stored on the aft deck, the crew disconnected the steel wire and spooled/recovered it on the towing winch.

The under-keel-clearance during this delicate job was minimum 10 cm and maximum 50cm.