Tandem Towage by Landfall tugs AHT “ISA” and AHT “DUTCH POWER”.

The two ‘state of the art’ Dutch-flagged anchor-handling tugs “ISA” and “DUTCH POWER” got awarded by consultancy Dutch Marine BV for the tandem towage of the large floating Damen Dock No. 3 from Flushing to Rotterdam.

Due the large size of the dock (230m x 45m), originally approx. 100 tons bollard pull was required for this towage. But with the joined forces of the AHT “ISA” and the AHT “DUTCH POWER” (respectively 51.6 and 45.1 tons bollard pull) we were allowed to perform this voyage in tandem tow.

In tandem towage, with a total output of almost 6.700 BHP, these high class ladies still archived an average speed of 4,5 knots.

In fact it’s still possible to perform a tandem towage in the present time, when the right and open-minded people are involved in the whole procedure and planning.

Another “Dutch masterpiece” perfectly performed by both crews on the “ISA” and “DUTCH POWER”, with excellent consultancy from TowService B.V. and Dutch Marine BV.